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Editor’s note:

Image editing software (like Photoshop and the like) can be used to restore the old or enhance the new. OneClickPix® has a team of digital artwork experts on staff. Learn about our photo retouching services below. Or click on “Photo Restoration” on the left to learn how you can restore your family’s photo heirlooms.


Improve the new…

Looking for realistic and advanced photo retouching? That’s what you’ll get from the art team at OneClickPix ®. From basic to advanced photo enhancement, our creative team is capable of recognizing your vision. We offer a full line of digital photo retouching and art work services.


Try Extensive Retouching or Basic Retouching as a starting point

Choose from extensive or basic retouching. We offer free retouching & design consultation for all of your photographic projects. Want to swap heads on the one goof-ball in your family portraits who just wouldn’t smile right? Wish all those background elements weren’t marring the perfection of your image? Or just need to fix the ravages of the sleepless night you had before that near-perfect picture was taken? Just ask. After consultation, our art team can make your image the perfect image you set out to capture.


Your Vision Matters

The right level of photo digital retouching will depend on your vision. Basic retouching includes: soften/remove bags under eyes, soften ‘crows feet’ around eyes and neck lines. If you need something a bit more advanced, we can switch to extensive retouching. Our creative department will cater to all your photo retouching and other digital needs, from raw processing to custom design. Make us aware of your digital desires and we’ll help produce your vision.


While we all want to know when a photograph was taken, those date/time stamps your digital camera leaves on your digital images can absolutely ruin your photo, distracting from the fun or marring the emotion you’ve captured. OneClickPix ® can help restore all of the fun…all of the emotion…by removing that visual interruption.


Contact us. We’ll work together closely providing you with all of the personal attention we’re known for.







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