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Photo Finishing options to add that little extra zip to your pictures


Protective Spray

Adding a protective spray to your photographs protects them from finger prints, light water damage, and to some extent UV rays (everything fades in the sun eventually and ideally photographs should never be exposed to direct sunlight).


Knowing the end use of your photographs is vital. Any photo that will be framed under glass, should receive our protective coating. The coating acts as a barrier between the photo emulsion and the glass. There’s nothing sadder than a photograph stuck to the frame it’s in.



Some of our products should not be sprayed. Metallic Prints for instance. And Matte Prints don’t need a spray either. By their nature, Matte Prints are protected from finger prints, light water damage, and UV rays.


In our software, protective spray is an option and can be ordered with the click of a button. An additional charge does apply.


Triple Weight Matboard

For added durability, and for ease of framing, have your pictures mounted to our triple-weight matboard. It’s a solid, strong, very heavy cardboard product (thus, triple- weight). Mounting your print on matboard not only gives the print extra support, but it also helps preserve the value of the print over time.


You will likely want to frame any print that’s mounted to triple-weight matboard because the print and mounting material do not match perfectly in size, which means there could be an exposed edge of the underlying matboard. Also, the matboard can warp if not framed, especially in geographic areas experiencing high levels of humidity.


Beveled mounts, one of our more popular products

In black, silver, or gold


Beveled mounts, one of our more popular products, is your chosen image on a three-dimensional beveled board. Beveled mounts make stunning table top easel displays adding a level of sophistication to your cherished images. The black, silver, or gold beveled edge adds elegance and refinement to any photograph. Just specify the color that you think most enhances your perfect image.


The edge is beveled at a 40 degree angle to increase the dramatic effect of the edge and enhance the appearance of your photographic presentation.


Are your walls in need of some decorating zip? Beveled mounts can be displayed together on your wall. Our favorite: a 5 across design, with 2 black and white images on each end and one color photograph in the center. Nothing says “whoa” with more refined sophistication.


Beveled mounts are an elegant alternative to traditional photo framing. Our beveled mounts are substantial, making them perfect for gift giving.


Available in most of our print sizes.


StandOut Mounts

Add some serious WOW to your decorating scheme


StandOut mounts are great one at a time for a stand-alone image display or, even better, as part of a decor grouping. Your print is mounted on a 3/4” stand out board that’s lightweight and sleek and ready to hang on the wall or stand on your table or shelf. With a 3/4” black edge, these comtemporary-looking StandOut mounts add considerable gravitas to your decorating scheme. Just imagine how incredibly vibrant and eye-catching black & white images will look on our thick, black standout mount!


Our StandOut mounts come on a thick, lightweight mounting substrate that doesn’t need a frame. We even pre-drill holes in the back so it’s amazingly easy to hang when it arrives at your home. We also seal the back with a vapor barrier to prevent warping.


For a decorator’s dream: imagine 3 or 5 prints on StandOut mounts hanging in a row. The one in the center is black & white while the ones on the ends are color. Or vice-versa. Classic. Simply classic.


Choose StandOut mounts in our ordering software. Available in many popular sizes.


Masonite Boards for Photo Prints

Your prints are mounted on 1/8-inch masonite boards. Masonite boards are high-end solid products with long-lasting durability. These brown photo mounting boards provide added strength to your prints. You can select a masonite board in the image options in our ordering software.


Benefits of Masonite boards

  • Less susceptible to warping.
  • Solid, quality board for rich prints.
  • Finish off with protective spray for a truly professional appearance


Available in select sizes.







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