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Preserve Your History, Your Memories, Your Ancestry


There’s nothing sadder than an old photo that’s falling apart. It’s history slipping away from us. Preserve your old photos and preserve your history by scanning them into high resolution digital images. You’ll be saving them for the future generations, and you’ll also be able to share them on social media. Give “Throwback Thursday” something to talk about!


Print Them…Gift Them

Print them and share them with family and friends. Frame your family’s old photos and give them as gifts for Christmas and other occasions. They are sure to be treasured.


Please, Just Photos

We scan photographs. We leave the scanning of slides and negatives to others. To get your photos ready for high-resolution digital scans, please remove them from albums, frames, envelopes, etc. Make sure no staples, paper clips, post-it notes, etc. are attached.


Since we take our time and scan your photos carefully, just like they were our own, we can scan almost any size photo. However photos larger than 8x12” will require stitching together in a photo editing software. Please contact us for special pricing on larger format scans.


Due to copyright laws, we are unable to scan any professionally taken image that is copyrighted. This includes pages from books, magazines, and postcards. These images will not be scanned without a valid copyright release from the photographer. We will validate all copyright release forms.


All photos must be able to lay reasonably flat. Slightly curled or curved photos may show some distortion in the areas where the images does not lay flat upon the glass as it is scanned.


Scanners pick up all of the imperfections on the surface of your prints. Scratches, dents, color separation, and emulsion burns will show up. However, old prints can be restored to their former glory. For more on the best in photo restoration, please see our Photo Restoration link to the left.


Scanning Specifics

  • Hi res 300 dpi scans
  • Archived to CD
  • Print quality will depend on the quality of the image scanned
  • Absolutely no copyrighted material can be scanned without a release
  • 24 hour turnaround


Our Policy

Our policy is to scan for walk-in customers only. Simply put, we think old photos are so precious they need to be hand delivered both before and after they’re scanned. While we will scan photos shipped to our location, we do not accept responsibility for precious memories delivered into the hands of the USPS, UPS, or any other shipper.  







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